12 Things to Have in Your Emergency Car Kit

Dec 14, 2022

12 Things to Have in Your Emergency Car Kit

Thrill is a normal condition for you as a first-time car owner. But as the proud owner of an automobile, you must remember a few crucial things. There are specific paperwork and documentation requirements. One can overlook a vehicle emergency kit, one of the most crucial items to keep in your car while attending to all of these. We'll show you how to put together a vehicle emergency kit in this article. Skoda has been providing enough space and convenience with its car models, to store emergency kits. Explore the best Skoda vehicles at PPS Skoda Showroom Hyderabad, as you witness the extraordinary features & safety standards.

What Is a Car Emergency Kit?

A bundle of supplies that help with roadside assistance and emergency preparedness makes up a car emergency kit. These kits are available for purchase, or drivers can assemble one for themselves for peace of mind and readiness. This is in the event of a dead battery or other unexpected car issues. Get to know how the emergency kit works, from the Authorized Skoda Dealers Hyderabad staff. Visit the showroom for Skoda vehicles that determine significant standards of assistance in an emergency.

What do you keep in your car just in case? Emergency Safety Kit For Car

Take a look at the best car emergency kit essentials for a car that you must keep in your vehicle:

Tool kit - Why Should I put in my car?

A roadside emergency pack with the bare minimum of gear can come in handy. Especially if you experience a sudden breakdown and the repair shop is far away. Screwdrivers, pliers, a tire gauge, oil, brake fluid, and duct tape should be the main components of your toolkit.

Spare Tyre

In order to be prepared for sudden flat tires or punctures, your car must have a spare tyre. However, having a spare tire is not sufficient. You also need to learn how to set it up. When using the spare, keep in mind to have it fixed. To change the flat tire with the spare tire, you will also need some tools like a wrench, jack, and pipe.

What Should you stock your car with? 

First-aid kit

A first-aid kit is a must-have item in your car. You can buy a ready-made kit or assemble your kit. If you are making it on your own, remember to include band-aids, bandages of different sizes, cotton, gauze, disinfectant, antiseptic solutions, pain-relieving cream, and over-the-counter medicines. If you can accommodate a few more things, then try to store a thermometer, medicines you and your family take, and a pair of scissors for cutting bandages.

Water bottles

Water bottles in your vehicle emergency kit list will do more than just quench your thirst. When your radiator gets too hot, you can use the water as a coolant. Water can also help in washing and cleaning the car, when in need.

Cleaning cloth, paper towels, and dusters

People typically keep rags on hand to clean up grease and dirt. Paper towels and a few pieces of cloth can also be kept. It will fulfill its purpose. Dusters and brushes can be used in addition to it to clean hard-to-reach areas like underneath the seats.

Fire extinguisher

Your car ought to have a fire extinguisher on hand at all times. It is required and needs to be accessible. If you use one, don't forget to replace it. Verify the expiration date and have it refilled by the deadline.


It is crucial to have extra gloves, hats, coats, and blankets as emergency items to keep in car for winter. This is in case you encounter a worst situation similar to those who spend the night in the cars.

Charger cables

On a long road trip, they may prove to be of great use. Have a variety of cables that will fit your adapter so that anyone may use it regardless of the phone they have. If the batteries on your power banks, Bluetooth earphones, and other devices run out, you may recharge them.


When your car lights or mobile flashlight aren't working, a separate flashlight will come in handy. However, a strong rechargeable flashlight is a necessity for your high-end vehicle.

Head pillow

Keep a head pillow in your vehicle, it could save your life. You're going to need it if you enjoy taking road trips. You can just pull over in a secure area and take a little power nap if you're feeling fatigued from driving. Make yourself comfortable with the pillow if you aren't driving and take in the scenery.

What Should you never leave in your vehicle? 


Always keep a small bag of chips or biscuits in your car, just in case you are prone to hunger. Have anything that can be easily stored and left unopened for a number of days. Food products that have been opened shouldn't be stored since they could entice ants and other insects.


Most folks lock themselves out while it's pouring fiercely because they fail to keep an umbrella in their used luxury vehicle. To avoid getting wet, keep an umbrella with you at all times in your vehicle.


Do keep a few emergency numbers available, such as your house phone, the ambulance, the police hotline, the fire station, and your company's breakdown helpline. These numbers could potentially save your life no matter where you require assistance. PPS Skoda Dealers Hyderabad are quickly responsive in case of an emergency or for roadside assistance. Registering is easier with your new Skoda vehicle and there's a provision of support, always. With PPS Skoda Dealer in Hyderabad gaining a great reputation, consumers have the feasibility of grabbing competitive prices across an extensive range of Skoda vehicles.

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